Fanatic - WSB - Falcon Slalom Team Edition NO Fin Windsurf 2016


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Fanatic - WSB - Falcon Slalom Team Edition NO Fin Windsurf 2016



For highly tuned racing machines with zero compromise, look no further. Scarily fast acceleration and insane top speeds are matched with full control at all times. The new 2016 Falcon Slalom has what it takes to dominate with ease.We’ve further tuned the Falcon range following the success of our PWA Worldcup Team, and have worked intensely on those key factors necessary to win races. With special focus on the mid – larger size models, we’ve improved the acceleration, top speeds and control. In addition to this, we’ve enhanced the overall ease of use and response when gybing. During an intense R&D process lasting several months, countless prototypes, meticulous testing and analysis, we reached our goal of a lower ride through step by step adjustments of mast and fin positions. Combined with a overall wider outline and a wider measurement of two foot off the tail, the early planing and acceleration is truly unbelievable.With a new cut out profile we’ve increased control – a major factor when competition is hot – so you can pass your rival’s and speed ahead even when it gets rough. A balance, stable and constant glide through gybes and lulls has been further improved thanks to the optimized volume flow. The bottom shape – a double concave V blending into a single concave through the mid section and an opening V in the tail – has been altered to deliver top acceleration and speed, along with a solid and engaging sensation when gybing.The Falcon Slalom is available in the Team Edition (TE) Version of Full Biax Carbon Sandwich Light Finish construction – (112 to 152) and Biax Carbon Sandwich (90 & 99) – for crisp racing attributes, as well as in Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish Version (99, 112 & 121) – including a high end CNC foiled G10 Choco fins fin and additional inside footstrap plugs for a more comfortable ride with the same hot-blooded shape.



Key features


Four new highly tuned shapes (99, 112, 121 & 129) following the lead of the Falcon 90 and the larger modelsAdjusted fin and mast position for improved early planing and accelerationEfficient new cut out design for top control and speedRecessed mastfoot area for maximum controlErgonomic rail design for grip and 100% power from start to finishOptimized volume flow for balance and easy planing through lulls and gybesProven rockers delivering top speeds and controlTuned bottom shape with fine adjustments for the overall winning formula




Top quality and high-tech specification Biax Carbon has a perfect weight to stiffness ratio as a result of its very fine weave, plus has fantastic dynamic flex. Full Biax Carbon is used on the decks and bottoms of the bigger Falcons TE and Falcon Formula for maximum stiffness and lightest possible weight. Whilst on the smaller Falcons (90 & 99 liters) it is used only in the deck area

for a better flexibility of the boards in choppy conditions. Combined with PVC Sandwich technology and Glass reinforcements, the Biax Carbon provides a perfect stiffness / flex / weight ratio on the Falcon Slalom, Speed and Formula lines.

Fanatic - WSB - Falcon Slalom Team Edition NO Fin Windsurf 2016

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