Fanatic Gecko HRS 2017 Tavola Windsurf completa


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Fanatic Gecko HRS 2017 Tavola Windsurf completa

Fanatic Gecko 2017 

Nuova completa di 4 straps, pinna, bulloneria.



Gecko HRS

The Gecko is the most user-friendly and fun Freerideboard we've ever had in the lineup. Its success and popular reputation has grown the Gecko range to a total of seven exciting shapes. Just step on, hook in and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

The general concept behind the Gecko is wider, thinner and with less volume. These attributes offer a great deal of balance and stability for easy gybing, and a fun responsive feeling beneath your feet. The increased length and more parallel outlines for the larger sizes (120+) cater to the rider's needs with extra stability and planing support. Regardless of your level, the Gecko will carry you through your gybes or have you planing in the footstraps for the first time. With plenty of performance features built in, the Gecko will execute any move effortlessly. The perfect companion for your progression, it will leave nothing but a smile on your face.


  • Reduction in drag and enhanced control due to 75 degree pintail

  • Wide compact outline for early planing and easymanoeuvres

  • Increased length and more parallel outlines for the larger sizes (120+) supplying stability and planing support

  • High performance scoop rocker line with a higher entry and at tail release

  • Flat deck transitioning into thinned out rails for the ultimate carving experience with a secure stance

  • Flat panel power V bottom shape with a slight double concave on the bigger sizes for easy planing and control

  • New centre n and daggerboard versions of the Gecko 156+ (HRS)


High Resistance Skin (HRS)

High Resistance composite technology is a durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the hull maximum strength, as well as making it ding and impact resistant. Strategic use of fibre reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness. In combination with the user-friendly EVA deck, HRS can be seen on the standard Gecko, as well as the Viper / Ripper ranges.




Fanatic Gecko HRS 2017 Tavola Windsurf completa



Volume Width Length Weight Details rec. Sail size
98 l 63 cm 239 cm 7,75 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 34cm
Power Box
7.5 m²
105 l 69 cm 239 cm 8,00 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 36cm
Power Box
8.0 m²
112 l 73 cm 239 cm 8,35 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 38cm
Power Box
8.5 m²
120 l 76 cm 242 cm 8,95 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 40cm
Power Box
9.0 m²
133 l 78 cm 246 cm 9,40 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 42cm
Power Box
9.5 m²
146 l 83 cm 250 cm 10,10 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 46cm
Power Box
10.0 m²
156 l 85 cm 252 cm 10,45 kg Choco Fins Spirit C1 48cm
Power Box
11.0 m²