Fanatic Tavola Sup Allwave 8'3 LTD 2015 - Esposizione


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Fanatic Tavola Sup Allwave 8'3 LTD 2015 - Esposizione

Tavola SUP LTD misura 8'3 da esposizione, mai andata in acqua.



Smooth surfing is the perfect description for this year’s AllWave range that comes in seven sizes – 7’11”, 8’3”, 8’5”, 8’11”, 9’1”, 9’5”, 9’10”. Available in two constructions Innegra Carbon PVC Sandwich & HRS.With exciting yet predictable attributes, 2015 sees three fresh new shapes, 7’11”, 8’3” & 8’5” being added to the range. The thinner board and lower volume of these three sizes are supported outstandingly by the shorter, wider compact outline making for a responsive and effortless ride. The versatile option: the board can be set up as a Quad or Thruster. Combined with a modified base and thinner rails, optimum grip and carving ability is ensured.The larger 8’11”, 9’1”, 9’5”, 9’10” sizes have a ›wider around the centre‹ outline. This, combined with a more pulled-in nose and squash tail offers plenty more stability, adding performance with less swing weight. Whatever fuels your fire, these boards offer friendly accessibility whilst maintaining excellent manoeuvrability on the wave. A true surfing scoop rocker line and added nose kick finishes off the AllWave’s top performance. The LTD versions of the AllWave come with the Quad fin setup option. For windsurfing, the mastbase insert makes for straightforward attachment of a sail, adding to the fun and versatility.The concept of the AllWave enables across the board performance for all SUP riders, performing remarkably well in all conditions. Whether you’re looking to catch your first wave or advance into larger surf, through its balanced shape, this range is undoubtedly the ultimate tool for enjoyment, ease and progression.



For 7’11”, 8’3”, 8’5”:

Pulled down thin rails for maximum carvingHard release edges in the tail and softer in the noseSlightly domed deck for maximum stability blending seamlessly into the thin railsSingle concave entry, transitioning into a single / double concave mid section through to the tail enhancing speed and lift

The new bottom and rail shape provides ultimate grip allowing for smaller finsQuad / Thruster fin setup with 5 Futures boxes

CAD designed and analysedMastfoot insert for Windsurfing option


For 8’11”, 9’1”, 9’5”, 9’10”:

Compact outline with extra width and pulled-in performance noseRounded squash tail

Balanced volume flow with a flat deck for secure stanceBottom shape: mono concave entry transitioning into a V / double concave, offering for easy wave catching and maximum drive

Real surf scoop rocker line with added nose kick, to prevent any nose divingThruster fin setup

LTD versions have the option for Quad fin setup

CAD designed and analysedMastfoot insert for Windsurfing option



Innegra Carbon Sandwich is a new, strong and super light layup perfectly suited to all our ProWave LTD and AllWave LTD models. Innegra Carbon is a lighter and more impact resistant material than Carbon Kevlar which, when combined with a single PVC/ Wood Sandwich and Wood/Carbon heel reinforcements, guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of lightweight and maximum resistance against impact.



Fanatic Tavola Sup Allwave 8'3 LTD 2015 - Esposizione