Fanatic Tavola Windsurf Stubby TE 2016


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Fanatic Tavola Windsurf Stubby TE 2016



The best kept secret in the windsurfing scene. This exciting new parallel rails concept with a super compact length surprises with speed, planing stability and ease of use. After lots of prototypes, countless hours of secret joy and just fun sailing, we're proud to present the STUBBY in two sizes: 77 and 88.The entire year 2014 our R&D team worked quietly on a new and exciting concept. The idea to explore with more parallel rail outlines and a reduction to the board’s functional minimum draw a lot of attention in the surfing world lately. Characteristics such as speed & stability combined with loose turning and minimized swing weight made us try a transformation of these ideas into dimensions of a windsurf board. With instant excitement, we decided to evolve this project secretly and unleash it as a nice surprise for the scene.Stepping on the Stubby for the first time eliminates any doubts in an instant and refreshes your perspective on board design. The wide double diamond tail features a channel for extra grip and drive, the large MFC Tri Fin set supports tight turning and offers incredible lift and upwind performance. While the tail and nose sections are extremely wide, the centre of the board is narrower, giving a clean water flow and reduced drag. In combination with the V bottom with slight double concaves, the Stubby is extremely fast and controlled. Once catching your first wave, the longer effective rail line comes into play and gives you a new sensation of stability in the bottom turn, while the stance far back on the wide tail allows for fast and tight reactions and turns. Due to a rocker line, that is adapted to the boards length and it’s trim, the wide nose always recovers, even after a steep re-entry. With its speed and control on the way out the Stubby offers solid jumping performance as well.Almost everything with this board is new, also the sensation it gives you. It doesn’t matter in which conditions you feel at home, if waist high cross-onshore or masthigh and sideshore: If you’re looking for something new – a package of pure fun and motivation – you have to try the Stubby!Stubby vs. TriWave & QuadThe Stubby comes with a different feel to the other two wave boards we offer. Its planing capabilities are not far off the TriWave and with a more backfooted style it also rides closer to the TriWave than the Quad, which rides more front footed. But with its super wide tail, the Stubby still has a total different way of turning compared to the TriWave. If you’re happy with a classic ride and want the next step up from your FreeWave, the TriWave with its classic outline and incredible jumping potential is a top choice for you. If you’re already a long time wave sailor coming from a Quad or TriWave style board and want progression and spice your waveriding with a different style, the Stubby will be pure joy for you.


Key Features


Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and a cleaner waterline

Short and wide “Stubby-Nose” – reduced to the boards effective lengths – for reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and rotations, as well as easy recovery from steep re-entries or jumps

Wide double diamond tail for planing power

Tail-Channel for extra drive and control

Reduced centre width for speed and a straighter rail flow

Trim and stance moved backwards, adapted to the board’s length, tail width and rocker line

Larger Tri Fin set matching the board’s wide tail, for incredible lift, drive and upwind ability

Constant V with slight double concave for easy and controlled planing also in choppy conditions

Full rails for stability, thin tail for grip and radical turning

Slight tow-in side fins and channel edges for ideal water flow with minimum drag



Innegra Carbon will be used again on the 2016 Wave- and TE Freestyleboards. After the resounding success of using Innegra Carbon material in our TE boards the last 2 seasons, we once again are confidant to say that this material is lighter and more impact resistant than the Carbon Kevlar it has replaced, with better UV properties too. Combined with double PVC / Wood Sandwich and Wood / Carbon heel reinforcements, it guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of weight and maximum impact resistance. The Waveboards benefit from Innegra Carbon Sandwich layups. The Skate TE has a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a Carbon or Glass bottom. Each TE model is produced with the Light Finish look, where the primary board color gets mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.

Fanatic Tavola Windsurf Stubby TE 2016

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